Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Cowgirl Turns 30

For an entire year, I've been in denial that this whole nebulous "30" thing was actually going to happen. I mean, lots of people stay at 29 forever, right? Denial is a wonderful thing.

But it isn't a river in Egypt... And eventually September always rolls around, bringing with it another birthday. So since 30 is a big round scary number and marks a somewhat official entrance into adulthood, I decided that we needed to do it up! I gave up digging in and fighting it...and started celebrating it.

On Friday night, we went out to get drinks at a club where two of our favorite DJs were hosting karaoke.  My friends suprised me with an amazing cake. Shawna Cole and Dodd Lede (the DJs, also lead singers of Bare Necessity) made the night extra fun by singing Happy Birthday (in the sexy voices!).

On Saturday, my friend Pam and I had a joint birthday party at her house. We have always celebrated our birthdays together since they are three days apart and this one was a big 'un. So friends and family gathered at Pam's house and we talked, watched the kids play, and ate more birthday cake. Pam made sure we had some Blue Bell Cookies 'n Creme ice cream, since that is one of our favorites.

On Sunday, I took a day off from birthday stuff, because apparently, there can be too much of a good thing!

Monday was my actual birthday. And as Monday birthdays go, it was a pretty quiet day. My boss bought me lunch. I spent part of the evening hanging out at the barn, and the rest hanging out on the couch with Anthony.

I guess 30 isn't so bad after all... Lets see what this year brings!