Monday, December 5, 2011

Alaska Part 3-The Southern Part

Our work took us further down south on the Kenai Peninsula. Near a small town named Ninilchik. We had decided to knock out a couple of sites that day and worked pretty hard to get to them and keep on schedule. One of the sites was directly on the before we got to work, I snapped a few pictures. Mornings in Alaska are not to be missed. The washes of pink and blue knocked my socks off every morning.

Morning at the Ninilchik Field

Looking down the coast

After we finished the field, we left out and headed further south to access a different and much more remote site. However, enroute, we realized that our cameras had chewed through all of the batteries we had on-had. So we stopped in the actual villiage of Ninilchik to get more.

Ninilchik Creek-Simply Gorgeous!

Another portion of the creek.

After finding batteries, we headed out to the site. Where we spotted the first photographable moose of our official moose count. 

 This was the field...I love my job some days

Moose, not the ice cream!

The first photographed moose! Eat your heart out National Geographic!

We finished up pretty early in the day, so we decided to drive down to Homer, Alaska for dinner. It is the most southern point that you can go on the Kenai Peninsula.

Homer, Alaska-what can I say? I was a little cold!

The view across the bay from Homer.

St. Augustine Volcano

View from the Homer Spit to the Harding Ice Field

A seal!

The Salty Dog Saloon on the Homer Spit.

We ate dinner at a fantastic little restaurant which was open for the last night of the season and then headed back to Kenai for a well deserved rest.