Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Finally! Rain!

Although it wasn't much, the farm finally got some of the wet stuff. I came home to a wet horse, wet yard, and puddles in the drive way. I couldn't have been happier if you had told me that I won the lottery. Its been so dry here in Houston that everything has dried up. I was hoping to let the ducks out into the pond once they were big enough, but since the pond totally dried up, they have been confined to Poultry Paradise and their dishpans of water. We found the catfish that was in the pond in a tree where the birds had gotten to him. The horses loved their pond to play in, but now its the only place growing fresh grass, so they are in it constantly. The pond is not deep enough to get recharged by groundwater and when the new septic system went in, the installer insisted (and I'm glad that he did) that the washing machine water which was being drained into the pond go into the septic so its not being refilled there. I really do miss my pond. I'm crossing my fingers that we get a lot of rain (and no hurricanes! I'm not ready to test my roof yet) this hurricane season so that Houston can come out of its -10 inches of rain and I can have my pond back.

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