Monday, August 15, 2011

A Step Above

It seems like every week, something new is happening at my house. I mean, when you live with a 4-year old, something new is always happening. Shaving cream murals in the bathtub, macaroni in the carpet, and strangely colored cats are among the things that happen with an astonishing regularity in my house. But lately, we've been letting the kiddo play with the power tools. Just kidding. No, really, I'm just kidding. He just holds the hammer and bucket of nails while his Papa and I build.

This week's project?

New stairs.

It has long been recognized that the stairs up to the porch at my house are at the very least a safety concern and definately a safety hazard. And after nearly ripping a toenail off the other night in the dark, I had enough.

This is what my stairs looked like:

Yikes, right? And no, that's not the angle of the photo, that wood "stair" really does lean like that.

After two hours, this is what the new stairs looked like.
They are set in place and concrete will be added soon to make them a solid pad. And the tilt IS the angle of the photo.

And since a) I can't stand the bushes in front of my house, and b) I needed steps down into the yard near the front door...

We built them too...

I'll post photos of the concrete work next week!


  1. Please stop calling yourself a cowgirl, Just because you own a small piece of land and 2 horses does not make you a cowgirl. until you spend years working cattle and living the life don't call yourself a cowgirl. It really offends those of us that live the life.

  2. There are many different ways to be a cowgirl. Some are born to money and cattle. Others who work hard to get there. Working cattle on a ranch is only one of those ways. Training horses and rodeoing are another way, which is my way. Small farm or not, I still live the country life and I'm still a cowgirl.

  3. Additionally, just because I have a small farm in Texas doesn't mean that my family doesn't own a large ranch in North Dakota, which I have mentioned here in the past. I would reserve judgement until you have all the facts and I don't post every detail of my life on here.