Monday, January 16, 2012

The New Door

While I was in Alaska, my parents were taking care of my farm and my kiddo. I had been having problems getting the front door shut on the house, but the problem would come and go. While I was gone though, the problem progressed to the point that my dad couldn't even shut my front door. I knew that it would have to be replaced when we bought the house. I just wasn't planning on it needing to be replaced the weekend after I arrived home from a long trip.

The old door-Warped frame, warped doorstep, warped door

So off we went to the Home Despot to buy a new door. My dad was all in favor of a plain white door. He is a guy after all....I wanted something a little nicer...Especially since I was going to be the one looking at it everyday...Hopefully for the next 10-15 years. 

Pretty Door!

The first order of business was pulling the old door out of the house and removing the frame. Cats and kids were locked up during the demolition process. 

No more ugly door!

The new door fit right into the frame after a little trimming and was shimmed in place. After some cussing, growling, and snarling, we got the frame screwed in and the door hung in the frame.

New Door Fitted

The next day, we fitted the outside of the door with Hardi-Plank board and placed the trim strips in. As soon as they were secure, the framing was painted with outdoor latex paint and the door was finished.


And Inside!

Love the look of the new door and it made the house look so much more attractive and inviting. Not to mention the bonus of extra light in the living room and pretty patterns when the sun shines through the glass.

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