Friday, July 9, 2010

A Scientific Approach to Gardening

As most of you know, or figured out, I'm a scientist. Not your stereotypical white lab coat, thick glasses, and pocket protector type. But the hipper, spends-her-days-outdoors, wears jeans, and walks around in sturdy (steel-toed) hiking boots kind of scientist. Oh, and occasionally, they let me play with heavy machinery, which makes me very, very happy (but you knew that). This also involves careful observations of my surroundings, drill cuttings, etc. I fill up pages and pages in my field notebook with them so I don't have to remember. Which is why I need to transfer this habit to my gardening.

I was standing in the kitchen yesterday, looking out at my waterlogged garden. Thankfully, a little insight and fast draining soil spared my garden from the worst of the pitfalls. I was also trying to remember when the corn was planted. I finally came up with the date, but it could have been easily avoided by WRITING it down. I am just not organized enough to be able to make it into the computer and type it. Although the blog helps. :)

So here is my plan. This fall, I am going to buy a Rite in the Rain notebook and pen. I am going to take it out to the garden and write down what is going on out there! Lets see how I do...

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