Wednesday, July 21, 2010

That's Hot

My poor, poor garden. Summers in Texas are no good for anyone. It has been alternating between sizzling hot and drenching rain. Days like these make one yearn for the relative niceness of oh, say October. Even my very hardy herbs are taking a beating. I feel bad for them. But here at Jessamine Gardens, if you can't take the heat, get outta the garden. Only the strong survive. There are several plants that are the stars of the garden this summer. They are taking a licking and still going.

1. Sweet potatoes-They love the combination of rain and heat. I have seen more growth in the last couple of weeks than I have since I planted them.

2. Lemon grass- A passalong plant from a plant exchange. When I planted it, it was about 6" high. It is about 3' tall now. It could probably eat my preschooler if I let it. I can't wait to cut it and use it to cook with.

4. Bell Peppers-Still producing. When I checked them yesterday, there was one small ripe one, but two more showing promise. I'm going to leave them until Friday afternoon to see how big they'll get.

5. Cucumbers-Growing, making potential pickles like crazy. I picked a giant one yesterday to save for seed and there were two more growing.

6. Okra-A summer staple. Mine have been slow to take off, but I think all the rain finally jumpstarted them.

These guys will probably keep churning until the weather gets cold. And that makes me happy.

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