Friday, April 1, 2011

Closing a Chapter (and Opening a New One)

I'm strong enough to write this post today. I have been thinking about it for a week, but then all the little stuff piled up and I got distracted.

It seems like in my life stuff hits all at once. So I guess that it was no real suprise that I was offered a new job at the same time as I bought a house. It really is closing a chapter. One filled with craziness and mishaps, with a few good things along the way. We moved home to Texas in 2008. We had a just shy of 1 year old baby, a new rental house, and a new job to get accustomed to. Stressful doesn't even begin to describe it. But it got us out of a worsening situation in California, where the declining economy drove the company I was working for almost out of existance. Then I started rebuilding in the middle of the economic mess.

The rebuilding chapter is over.

I'm moving on into success. I have a house that is my own where no one can tell me what to do (yes, I know the bank really owns it, but they don't care what color I paint my bathroom). I am moving into a new job with a national firm where I am going to get the exposure and experience that I need to keep moving up. My old company was great for rebuilding and getting a foothold (notice the rebuild again?!), but my needs exceed what they are able to provide. My car is paid off as of last month. I am starting to feel like myself again before we moved to Texas. There are exciting things on the horizon, both professionally and personally.

Bring it, baby.

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