Monday, March 21, 2011

Life in the Country

Roosters crowing, birds chirping, and the wind blowing. That's what I woke up to yesterday morning. Amazing. Simply amazing. No traffic noises, no ambulances, no blaring stereos. Just the sounds of nature and a beautiful sunrise over the pond in the backyard. Now, if my house didn't look like a hurricane hit on the inside, it would be all the better.

We have officially moved into the new house. Small children and cats are still getting lost frequently but soon appear when an appropriate food container is shaken. I spent most of the day yesterday unpacking, barrel racing, and returning lost horses.

Yes, I really meant that last part. I had walked onto the front porch at about 10am for a break from unearthing the master bedroom from the piles of boxes and clothing. I was still in my pajamas with messy hair (and zero make up). I spotted a sorrel horse that I had seen the day before in a neighbor's pasture ambling down the road. She stopped by my house to try my grass and then moved on, but I figured that her owner would be missing her soon and since there was a halter in my car, that I could catch her. I threw on some flip flops (thank goodness I had unpacked the shoes at that point!), got the halter, and went after her. I caught up with her at the end of the street and managed to get the halter on her. Then I walked her back to the entire other end of the street (in pjs, flip flops, ratty hair, and no make up) and opened the gate to where I thought she lived. The owner of the house came out as he heard me rattling the chain on his front gate and was doubly suprised to see me leading his horse. He was very thankful that I had brought his horse home and welcomed me to the neighborhood. I headed back home, got immediately dressed and made up. You know, just in case I needed to track down any more lost horses and bring them home.

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