Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Planning for the new house

Since we close in less than two weeks on the house, I have been trying to get ideas and figure stuff out.
Mom and I had the morning to ourselves, having pawned my son off so that we could go to a plant sale (where a very active 3 year old should not be, it was bedlam!), and decided that since neither of us had to report home immediately, we were going to go to Home Depot to get potting soil and while we were there, we might as well have a look around. So look we did. We picked up paint design books, looked at doors, flooring, lighting fixtures, and hardware, and picked up samples of countertops.

It was a good morning. And I fell in love with a few things for my new home.

The kitchen will transform from this:
To this (courtesy of Sherwin Williams Color Illustrator):

Because the house is on block and beam, traditional flooring materials won't work because the grout will crack. So instead, we found this incredible vinyl (hard to believe that it isn't wood!) that will stand up to the water, mud, etc. that is going to be coming through the kitchen.

And finally, we found this beautiful door (just imagine it in white):

I just can't wait to get started. I'm still trying to figure out how to decorate the bedrooms, living room, and baths, but I'll get there!

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