Thursday, March 17, 2011

We're Moving!

Yesterday at 11:25am Central Time, I had the keys to our new home in my hot little hands. Okay, not such little hands...but in my hands nonetheless! Within an hour of leaving the title company office, we were loading up vehicles with packed boxes (mostly because we have been tripping on them for weeks!) and moved them over to the new house in roughly the area that they will be in. I didn't realize how much stuff we had. We still need to pack many more boxes between now and Saturday morning when friends and family swarm the house to load the rest of our possessions into a combination of trucks, uhauls, and trailers.

In celebration of our new home, we did the first thing all new homeowners do. We headed to the Home Despot (mis-spelling intentional) and bought a new ceiling fan for the living room, a programmable thermostat, and a lightbulb for the fixture in the bathroom that had burned out. Wish we had been able to buy paint, but you know, priorities... That and we definately aren't ready for it yet. The end of the month is approaching fast and we still have to clear out of the Jessamine Gardens house.

In the meantime, I gotta figure out a name for the new place...and for 6 Rhode Island Red chicks that a friend was thoughtful enough to get for us!

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