Friday, February 18, 2011

Menu Planning

Yesterday, I was asked by a friend to post some recipes and menu plans. Now, understand this. I am a pretty busy mom and some days, I just don't stick to the plan. Some weeks, I don't even make the plan. But I do realize that I am a lot happier in the kitchen when I make one. Occasionally, my lack of planning results in some pretty creative meals, but more often than not, if I don't plan, then we wind up eating the same thing over and over. Boring....

I usually make a list for two weeks and shop based on what I need.

Here is an example of this week's menu:

Monday- Steaks, Asparagus, and Mashed Potatoes (because it was Valentines Day)
Tuesday-Spinach and Feta Pasta
Thursday-Potato Soup
Saturday-Tuna Cassarole
Sunday- Dinner at Church

It doesn't always go to plan. And I don't feel bad about switching around meals, because hey, life happens and some nights you need Thai food instead of potato soup.

I am an opportunisic person and like to use up stuff I have on hand before I restock. is a great site for that. I love putting in two or three ingredients and seeing what recipes they suggest. Then I add them to my favorite recipes and use them to build a plan for the future.

Here are some goodies with the caveat that I tweak as I feel that I need to or what I have available.

The rest of them are in the Better Homes and Gardens Cookbook (excellent by the way if you are in the market for a cookbook...I've been cooking out of this one for 15 years) and a little cookbook that my mom introduced me to and I bought a new copy when I moved out called "365 Ways to Prepare Hamburger" circa 1965 (okay, not a new copy, but new to me...its no longer published).


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