Thursday, February 10, 2011

Slow Going, But Getting There

I knew that the home buying process was going to be fraught with perils, but I didn't imagine THESE kinds of perils.

On Feb 2nd, my offer on a cute little house in Rosharon was accepted. Like any good new homebuyer, my feet got frozen. Several dozen phone calls and a trip to the house to measure things later, I was feeling much better. I set up all the inspectors that I would need to come to the house. Water well, septic, home, and termite inspectors were set up and ready to go. Then....a pipe burst on the well because of a freeze. Eh, no biggie. I rescheduled the home inspector and told the seller that I had water well guys coming to inspect on Monday and since I picked their name off a list, that they would be impartial and could do the repair.

Fast forward to Monday, in the process of inspecting the well, the water well guys discovered that the pump wasn't working correctly. So they called the seller and he authorized repair. They pulled a water sample to check for e.coli and giardia and finished the job. Then the termite guy came to check the house.

In the process of checking the house for termites, they discovered a previously unknown water leak (ummm, 'cause the well wasn't working right, maybe?!) and called the seller to let him know. A plumber was scheduled to repair the pipe and the home and septic inspectors rescheduled. Thankfully, I was granted an extension to get all of my inspections done, since its not my fault that I can't get all of them done in time with the busted pipe.

Fast forward to today. The plumber is scheduled for tomorrow. The septic and home inspection guys are coming out on Tuesday. Now here's the good news....

The water well lab results came in today. I was worried about these the most. They are clear (and I breathed a sigh of relief) and so things can move forward. The termite inspection also came back all clear.

Two more hurdles and I'm done.

Its worth it, right?

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  1. I love the house! Praying all continues to go well!