Thursday, November 4, 2010

An Update

Jessamine Gardens will be moving sometime between now and the spring. Preparations are being made, loans are being arranged, and properties are being sought! The biggest trick will be finding the right property that is acceptable to the bank, big enough to do what I want with it (goats, chickens, gardens, and maybe possibly horses), that is still in a great school district.

Now, what have I been up to? Aside from being a mom and geologist..

Field work at work has shot up through the roof, which is great. Not so great for my blogging however, I get home exhausted and just crash at night.

I have been at the gym 3 nights a week. My ankle FINALLY healed properly, so I am back at the Y, trying to get healthy. I have actually been losing only a little weight, but the baby belly (yes, I know he's three!) is slowly disappearing. I am also getting much more strength in my upper body and the flabby arms are slowly developing some muscle.

I am also tutoring in math three nights a week (on a not-so-volunteer basis). Of course, they are also the same nights I go to Tae Bo and Zumba classes. So I go and wear my body out and then try to teach someone algebra and wear my brain out.

The fall garden is in. Quinoa, cabbages, cabbages, pumpkins, and broccoli all got put in a few weeks ago. They appreciated all the rain that we got over the last couple of days. I also purchased some interesting herbs such as comfrey, St. Johns wort, roman chamomile, and winter savory. I couldn't resist a black pepper vine either. We'll see how it does!

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  1. Hey sweet friend! You need to update your blog & share some new photos of Anthony! Love ya!