Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bad, bad blogger (and garden updates)

Many apologies. See, I have this incredibly unpredictable work schedule. Not in that I don't go to work every day. It is just that it is entirely possible for me to go out into the field for three straight weeks and not turn on a computer except to check email and then go crash for the night. It has been one of those jags and sounds like it is going to continue for the next couple of weeks. There are even days, gasp!, that I don't go out into the garden. I send my husband out with the watering hose and instructions to water anything that looks dry.

In the midst of the crazy fieldwork, my inlaws made their annual visit. It was my great pleasure to be able to use some of the things I had grown in our meals. An onion went into shish kebabs, sugar snap peas and hummus for get the idea. I was just pleased that I was even able to offer those things.

Summer is arriving in Houston. I have been cleaning up the vegetable beds and getting rolling for the summer season. The first of the tomatoes are ripening and I am very excited. I have been seeing baby cucumbers on their vines. I did a little hand pollinating yesterday to try for some insurance on the whole deal. I have pickles in mind for later in the summer. I spent yesterday afternoon clearing dead bean plants out and putting in OKRA! We are going to be eating lots of it this summer and fall, I hope. I also hope to pickle some of it and give as gifts.

I recently planted sweet potatoes in containers. I am hoping that they do well. The vines are growing well so I am pleased to see that they have settled into their new homes. I still have herbs coming out my ears. They seem to be quite happy where they are, so I have no intentions of moving them until we buy a house. I'll just have to work around them.

In other happenings, the Three Sisters garden has rebounded. An application of Triple 13 fertilizer and some water has cured the chlorosis and the bed has rebounded. The squash is the happiest of the bunch and has grown like crazy.

The little gardener has grown too. I think he is trying to match the plant growth in the garden. He has been trying to help me harvest and plant everything, even when I don't want him to. :) I think this summer will be spent teaching him how to pick when things are ripe...not just tempting.

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