Thursday, May 27, 2010

Want List

We are approaching the time when we will buy our first home. We haven't been talking about it much in the last couple of months, but it seems like this month, with the end in sight, someone mentions it almost daily. We're working up quite a list.

1. Must have plenty of sunny backyard for my gardens and possibly a small orchard.
2. No white cabinets in the kitchen (I HATE cleaning cabinets with a passion!)
3. Must have plenty of storage space in the non-white kitchen...preferably with a walk in pantry.
4. Garage...must have..end of story
5. TWO bathrooms. Three people cannot happily co-exist in one tiny bathroom first thing in the morning. Too many bladders, not enough potties (yes, I realized that I called it a potty...we are potty training. I say potty a lot these days. 'Nuff said.)
6. I still want a chicken coop. Hubby wants horses (not that he knows what all is really entailed in that.)
7. I would also kill to be able to have a clothesline.
8. I do not like HOAs. Period.
9. Lots of storage.
10. LARGE bathtub in master bath. Preferably a garden tub. Jacuzzi tub would be even better. Mama comes home sore all the time from work and needs soaking room. Did I mention that I am 5'9" and seems like tubs are not built for tall people to completely submerge themselves? Major body parts stick out and get ice cold while the rest is nice and toasty.

Starting to sound like a tall order isn't it? Thankfully, we have lots of time. I'm even willing to budge on things for the right home. Although not on the cabinets. I still refuse to have white cabinets.


  1. Hey Melissa, thank you SOOOO much for commenting on my blog about the squash vine borers! I went out the garden and opened up one of my squashies and voila... an EVIL wormie dude! So I stabbed him with a stick and sealed the squash vine with some duct tape (and experiment for sure.) Without your suggestion I'd still be wringing my hands and pouting... THANKS!!!
    ~Jamie in Savannah

  2. You are very welcome. I swear, they are the scourge of the south. Pity too, because it is such a great area to grow squash. One of the guys with Urban Harvest here recommends that we plant it in the fall when the bugs are not reproducing.