Monday, May 24, 2010

Great Galloping Garlic

Since this was my third year in the garden, I decided this would be the year of experimentation. So I planted root crops. To my great suprise, they grew. One of the ones I was interested in was garlic. I got a couple of bulbs from a local source, Wabash Feed in Houston, and divided them into cloves. Then I dug holes, placed some bone meal in the bottom (also bought at Wabash), and planted the cloves. Then, I waited.
And waited....

And waited some more....I thought for sure that they would be done before the onions. But they weren't. They weren't even slowing down. Just growing and growing.

Finally, their tops turned brown. I pulled one to see if it was ready. Nope, not really. So I replanted it.

Finally, yesterday, they all looked pretty done in. So I started pulling them. I have garlic! They were planted in November 2009. Finally, in late May 2010, they are ready. Next time I grow garlic, I will make a dedicated bed for just garlic. I kept feeling like they were in the way in the main bed. However, they grow shallowly, so it will be easy to put them in an out of way place.

Here they are drying on my potting bench, next to some drying cilantro.

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