Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Big To-Do

Every mom knows that you make it through each day, week, month, and year with a series of things to do. Get the kids up, dressed, out the door, activities/school/work, come home, eat dinner, family time, and finally bedtime. For which most of us, means we start onto the second to-dos. You know, the ones that cannot get accomplished with kid, husband, and cats all demanding your attention at the same time. Okay, at least its this way in my house. More than likely, there is some variation of this in yours. But I digress.

I always have a running list of things I want/need to do. Current unfinished projects in my house:

1. New Miniblind/Curtian for Anthony's room since the little bugger has decided that if it is light in his room, it is time to play. Since it is summer, that means until 9pm, when bedtime is 8pm and he is incredibly overtired. No bueno in Mommy's world.

2. Put up tomatoes and cucumbers. Tomatoes are going to be blanched and frozen. Cucumbers are going to be turned into Claussen-like refridgerator pickes. There will be a post on this when its done. (Another item for the list!)

3. Weed the %$*$%^# flowerbeds in the front yard. Rain+Sun=Overflowing Weeds EVERYWHERE. Weedeat everywhere else.

4. Mow! Rain+grass=overgrown yard even though I mowed it last week!

5. Paint train picture for Anthony's room for some new decorations.

6. Replant the okra. My excuse for this is that the mosquitos will chew me to death if I attempt to spend more than two seconds out in the yard. However, it must be done or I won't have any this summer. I have five plants that actually germinated out of the 40 or so I planted. I blame this on the seed company. No way that it could have been my spotty aerial watering...nope, not that at all.

These are the major items. There are always the small "Oh by the way, Anthony needs cookies for school tomorrow, and no, you have to buy them, not bake them." I expect to finish this list before I die.

I think.


Maybe I'll just bequeath my to-do list to my kid(s).

Gratuitious adorable picture of Anthony whilst out running errands

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  1. He has become such a handsome little guy!

    I can totally relate to your feelings on your to-do list, and I don't even have a veggie garden to tend to!

    I wake up thinking, "Today is going to be a good day. I finally have a chance to get some things done!" But by the end of day I'm sitting on the couch scratching my head thinking, "What happened today?! I didn't get ANYTHING done that I needed to!" Such is life and I love it regardless. :-)