Monday, June 21, 2010

Harvest Monday 6/21

Harvest Monday is hosted by Daphne's Dandelions
This was not a banner week for the harvest. All in all totaled about 1.5 lbs. My vegetable plants all seem to have decided to take a little break. Not really, but my squash plants took a little while to recover from an SVB infestation and I am working on a second crop from all of the tomato plants. I'm hoping next week's crop is much better. Especially since the carrots seem to think its getting a little bit hot for their liking. Since it was Father's Day weekend, I also didn't get much time in the garden. Blazing hot also doesn't tend to lend itself to wanting to stay outside very long. Now if I could only find a portable air conditioner and mosquito eradicator...


  1. Those jalepenos would be good on some tacos!

  2. You've got a nice salsa there, spicy and refreshing!

  3. The SVB is my nemesis. My plants never seem to recover.

  4. Lemon eucalyptus repels mosquitoes.

  5. You have a tomato! That's impressive. Mine are all very, very green.

    My harvests are always rather small, but I'm one person and I'm gardening in containers. Plus, I'm just learning about all this. Still, everything that comes in from the garden tastes so good!

  6. Martha, we've had tomatoes for a while. I'm in Zone 9. Garden produce is so much better than the store stuff. I'm still working on small. I have three raised beds, but we've managed to cram quite a bit in there.

    Barb, Thanks! I'll have to try that.

    Daphne-Mine too. I hate the suckers, but it is great fun/revenge to smash them.

    Angela-I've never tried cucumber salsa. Might have to.

    Allison-I like to make guac and salsa with 'em.