Monday, September 27, 2010

Harvest Monday- 27 September 2010

After weeks of long, hot summer, I have a harvest again!

Apparently, my okra is psychic. I had put it on the list of things to be cleared out of the garden in order to make room for my fall planting. It must have heard my thoughts. Because when I went out on Friday to finalize the culling list, I noticed a huge crop of nice looking, good sized okra. So I picked it. And let the ones producing okra live for another week. That is the stay of execution, because the weather just turned cool. Which means what measly production I had is going to peter out to nothing. I got about 1 lb of okra over the weekend.

I also harvested sweet potatoes. They look great. A lot of them are on the small side, but that doesn't affect how they taste! There are about 2 lbs of those with more to harvest. I don't need the space, so I will probably leave the other two tubs of them alone until we eat up all the ones in the house.

I will probably have a lull again. The weather has finally cooled off enough for tomatoes and peppers to set fruit, so it will be a bit before we have more harvest, especially since the okra plants have their number.


  1. I was thinking about pulling out my last zucchini plant, and it did the same thing. I'm getting more zucchini now than I was a couple of weeks ago. So it lives for a while.

  2. But then if you don't pull those okras and put in your fall garden, your fall/winter harvest may suffer. I am just now pondering this trade-off in my own garden between present and future harvest...

  3. They are going as soon as I get this last crop off them. I made that mistake last winter. I should have pulled them as soon as the temps dropped, but I waited until they petered out and missed out on a lot of growing room.

  4. Okra stay of execution, I love it! Those sweet potatoes look good, even though they are all curled up. It's cool how home garden vegetables often look so different from the "perfect" looking specimens you see in the grocery stores.