Friday, September 3, 2010

Storm Story (ND/MT Trip)

I have always been a great fan of weather. I love a good thunderstorm and have been known to stare dumbfounded at the force of a hurricane (don't worry, I was about as protected as I could get). But my favorite storm of all time happened while we were in North Dakota. And even better than that, it got caught on film.

We were up at the new shooting range doing target practice. While I was waiting for my turn, I decided to photograph Buckhorn Butte from the range.

Pretty, no? Lots of nice, fluffy clouds, great lighting.

We went on with shooting. Bullets, not pictures. When I needed another break, I picked up the camera again. And took another picture of Buckhorn Butte. But I noticed through the camera lens, that it had changed dramatically in 15 minutes.

"Uh, Dad," I said, "Don't those clouds look a little worrisome?" Dad is the native here after all. "Don't worry," he said, "We'll get a warning." Being the trusting daughter I am, I continued shooting bullets. After all, private range, chance to work out any remaining agressions, time away from the kiddo, I'm totally going to soak up all possible time. But just to be sure, I did pick up the stray pistols and ammo, so we just had out what we were actually shooting.

About 5 minutes after that, a huge rush of wind carrying dirt and debris came through the draw. "Was that the warning?" I asked Dad. "Yup, that was it. Let's go," he said. And because I am crazy, I stopped for a second to catch another picture as we were picking up the last equipment to head to headquarters.

We got up to the headquarters just as the clouds started circling

Photo by RLB because I was far too chicken to stand out there. I'm crazy, not stupid.

That night, we were treated to an amazing lightning show, dime sized hail, and almost an inch of rain in an hour. I watched the lightning off in the distance for another half hour after the storm had cleared the ranch and it was apparent that no one was going to need to hide in the well vault!

Hail does not photograph well!

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