Monday, August 30, 2010

Fall Has Begun

And whew is it going to be a busy season. Anthony is moving up in preschool since he is finally showing real potty training progress. He is also scheduled for surgery to remove his tonsils since they have become a real problem. He is also getting his frenulum clipped during the tonsilectomy, which should help with his speech issues. Then there is my birthday...and it all snowballs from there into winter.

I transferred all of my seedlings to their peat pots yesterday. I started them in a sunny, eastern facing window (which also happens to be Pixel the cat's favorite napping spot) and she is delighted that they have graduated to the front porch. I am currently debating about starting some rhubarb seeds. I would like to run a trial on them since I am pretty seed-rich. I think I will start 5 of them and keep two on the porch in a semi-shady area. However, I want to wait until the weather is just a bit cooler. The Gulf Coast got a hint of fall and it was so nice this weekend that you could almost be fooled that its here.

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