Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Montana/North Dakota Trip-Part II

Back to our regularly scheduled post...

We spent the next morning playing at my uncle's house. And by we, I mean, Anthony was playing, and I was taking pictures of Anthony playing...and other things.

Like the barn...

Anthony playing with Tommy

Anthony was playing so intently with the truck that he didn't notice me sneaking up behind him.

Anthony chasing the butterflies.

After we were done playing, we loaded up into the motorhome and went on our merry way up to the ranch. We stopped to restock our supplies before leaving civilization. And after a quick lunch at Painted Canyon in the Southern Unit of Theodore Roosevelt National Park, we were off onto the backroads to the ranch.

Anthony at Painted Canyon

After an hour on the roads, we were finally there. We stepped out of the motorhome to birds chirping, the breeze blowing, and no other sounds but the greetings of my (other)aunt and uncle.

Ahhh, serenity at last.

To be continued...


  1. so jealous...What I would do for peace and quiet and the beauty of the outdoors (granted I had a motorhome too ;-) )

  2. The ranch is my happy place. :) There is actually a trailer home up at the headquarters too, however, it is only a 2bdr and my aunt and uncle have one of them. So anyone extra gets to sleep in a tent, motorhome, or on the pullout couch (not comfy).