Monday, August 9, 2010

ND/MT Trip-The First Leg

On a bright Saturday morning, my parents, my son, and I loaded everything that we would need into a rented motorhome and left Houston on a two week road trip to see our family in Montana and visit the family ranch in North Dakota. We packed food, clothing, and essential survival gear (otherwise known as a tv with dvd player and a million kid videos. It would take three days to drive to North Dakota. Our first night, we made it to the middle of Oklahoma. We rolled in late, put down the beds, and crashed for the night. Here is the RV on the first cedar scented morning of the trip.

We had breakfast, loaded up, and went on down the highway. Our next night's stop was in Grand Island, NE. I took a picture of Anthony at the KOA Kampground which in between two cornfields. Which is, by the way, most of the scenery from Guthrie, OK to Grand Island, NE.

Anthony was half the size of the corn there.

And the clouds and corn were just to pretty to miss. Did I mention I like photography too?

We were especially careful to stop and let Anthony play whenever it seemed like he was getting antsy.

One of our city park stops in small town Nebraska:

Please ignore the puffiness. Bum ankle, remember? Photo taken by RLB, the original photographer in the family

And finally, late on the third day, we trundled into my uncle's house in southern North Dakota. And met these characters:

Buttons, who loves to lick

Dusty, who is 1/4 bobcat and sweet as pie

Lightning, my aunt's horse

Tommy the Barn Cat (You'll see more of him)

There were many other four footed friends there too that I didn't manage to capture on film. We stayed at my aunt and uncle's house where we had great food, fun conversation, and where my aunt completely spoiled my son.

To Be Continued...

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