Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Montana/North Dakota Trip Part III

Sorry its taken me so long to post again. I had a major snafu with my pictures and wound up having to get copies. I've got them now and can continue posting.

The first thing we did at the ranch was go 4-wheeling. I figured that Anthony could use some fun after being cooped up in the motorhome for 3.5 days. So off he went with his Papa. For the next week and a half, anytime that anyone said the word 4- wheeler, Anthony felt it was his duty to get a ride. They took the trash to the pit, we took it down to go swimming, we took it to go work on the ranch. And everywhere we went on it, he was there too with his hat and glasses, waiting for a ride.

Anthony also considered himself an integral part of the workings of the ranch.

He helped work on the truck.

Acted as a safety supervisor.

Worked as the foreman.

Made sure that in light of the fun being had, that we all knew it was serious work.

He even pitched in to help with the new gun range we built.

Hard work for a little guy, huh?

To be continued...

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