Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Garden Update

I'm taking time out from the trip photos (which I swear I was going to write about again last night...however, a husband, a bum laptop, two episodes of Drop Dead Diva, and several fridge pickles got in the way) to post a garden update.

While I was gone, it rained for a week solid, and then temperatures shot up sky high. Needless to say, the garden is in a little bit of distress. The cukes have pretty well fizzled out, the carrots are a memory, my biennial herbs are a fried memory, and the tomatoes are struggling. The corn, the squash, and the pole beans are history.

However, the two million Thai basil plants that seeded themselves all over the garden are trucking along. My pepper plants are hanging in there and the sweet potatoes are coming along. They should be ready next month. I also finally harvested my first okra of the season and am looking forward to fresh fried okra.

I am also starting to get ready for the fall planting season. Out with the old, weeds, and yuckiness. In with the fresh and new! I am going to start a bunch of brascissas this weekend to get a jump on the growing season. Now to figure out where to put it all!

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