Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Since it seems to be taking for me to get my garden set up for the summer, I thought I’d introduce the denizens of the mini-farm over the next couple of posts. You’ve already met Buddy. Since the last post, he’s gained a good 3 or 4 lbs and is now the biggest puppy in the litter. I am trying to help my friend find good forever homes for the rest of the litter. So if anyone is interested in a puppy or knows anyone interested in a puppy, shoot me an email at the link at the top of the page. I am a big proponent of responsible animal adoptions. In fact, two of today’s featured citizens were adopted from animal shelters into our home forever.

Pixel (Or Miss Pix, PixiePoo, Pixy, Princepesa, Princess, Pooh Girl)
Adopted November 2000 from Brazoria County Animal Shelter
10 years old, female (duh!)

Likes: Long naps in sunny spots, food, more food, Mommy, cuddling with Mommy when she’s in the mood, and racing around the house first thing in the morning.

Dislikes: Small children, Monkey (see below), Oreo (see below), dogs, and pretty much anything else that annoys her on any given day.

I adopted Pix after my kitten Jetty snuck out the front door and got hit by a car earlier that year. Dad decided that I needed a new kitten and surprised me with a trip to the shelter to look at cats. Convinced that I wanted an older cat, I walked past the cage of kittens and went to see what they had. I wasn’t really impressed with the older cats, but I fell in love with the fuzzball of a kitten in the kitten cage. She’s been by my side since and I have dragged Pix to and from college, to California and back, and had a baby, and bought a house. Needless to say, she’s a well adjusted cat.

Monkey (Or Monks, Monkeybutt, Monkers)
Adopted August 2006 from the San Diego Humane Society
4 years old, male

Likes: Mommy, sleeping in Mommy’s bed, toys, racing around the house like a crazy kitty, tall things to climb, and toys to chase.

Dislikes: Pixel, Oreo (see below), small children, and wearing a diaper (don’t ask!)

Monkey was adopted when hubby’s cat at home in New York passed on due to stomach cancer. When I saw him, I said he was climbing the wire enclosure like a little monkey. The name stuck and the shelter staff thought it fit perfectly. Now that he is older, he is a laid back and cool, just like any Cali surfer dude should be. He is also my best buddy and sleeps at my feet at night.

3-4 years old
Belongs to Roommate

Likes: Being loved on, cuddling, and dinner.

Dislikes: Being wagged around like a stuffed doll.

Oreo belongs to my roommate, but she is currently a citizen of the farm, so I figured I would include her so that no one felt left out. She’s sweet, cuddly, and is almost as wide as she is tall. Oh, and a teeny tiny little head. Cute as a button and sweet as candy, she wormed her way into everyone’s laps and hearts. Missy had better count her animals when she moves on, because she might be missing one…

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