Friday, May 6, 2011


Apparently, a mini-farm is not a mini-farm without a faithful dog. Being a cat lover myself, I haven't had much truck with dogs. I have loved particular dogs.

Boots-A German Shepard who lived next door to us growing up. He used to be our pony. He would get so worked up about not being able to see us in our backyard and not being able to protect us, that my dad and our neighbor agreed to cut a "window" in the fence so that Boots could check on us when we were playing in our backyard.

Yukon-my first canine love (RIP, my friend) Sweet and wonderful, I loved this guy to bits. He was the dog that truly made me like dogs again. I loved how loyal he was to his owner and I loved to sit and pet him any time I could.

Cisco (my bff Jenny's canine baby!)- Sweet, wonderful energetic boy. He always makes me feel happy. I loved dogsitting him when his mom and dad would go out of town. Well, maybe not the poop bags, but either way....

And since it was only a matter of time (since apparently my farm needs a dog), meet Buddy...

Quiet, sweet, energetic, bouncy boy. He doesn't mind being picked up and wagged around, have his ears or tail pulled by his over-zealous 4 year old friend and loves to be loved on. So I guess I'll just have to keep him. And maybe buy him a bandana or three. 

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