Thursday, May 26, 2011

Last, but certianly not least

Tha poultry!

The day they came home
They were given to us by our Realtor as a housewarming gift. The reddish ones are Rhode Island Reds. The yellow ones are Leghorns. And then there are the ducks.... I had mentioned wanting to have chickens when we were buying the house and so a few days after we closed, he suprised us with them. Suprised, was in fact the word. We hadn't moved in yet, but were planning to do so the next day. So since we didn't have any where for them to live and it was still kind of cold, we put them in the shed and then ran to the store two days later for chicken keeping supplies.

As they got bigger and the weather got warmer, we decided that they needed to move out from the shed into a more permanent setup. A friend of my dad's had an old 8'x 8' dog kennel that he was no longer using. It became Poultry Paradise. Tarps were added later on for sun protection and to keep the Leghorns INSIDE so that they were protected from predators.

These days, they are growing, growing, growing. They get excited when they see me coming in the evening. I usually have a cup full of treats for them. Usually bits of veggies that didn't go into the supper pot or sometimes leaves from a tree that I've cut down. I'm looking forward to the eggs that I'll be getting in return for my treats to them come September.

By the way....The ducks are named Soup and Quackers (I have a morbid sense of humor). The chickens don't have names...There are 3 Leghorns and Three Rhode Island Red hens. So if you have a name suggestion for them, please put it in the comments!

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  1. Name one red one Joey and a leghorn Mrs. Foghorn.