Monday, March 29, 2010

Big Happenings in the Little Garden

We have corn seedlings! I am growing Silver Queen corn as part of a Three Sisters Garden and am very excited to see them poking thier heads up. I was sure that they were goners since I planted them and we got one more freeze and lots of rain. I guess it wasn't true. We planted Kentucky Wonder pole beans on Thursday of last week. They should be up any day now. A little later on this week, probably Thursday again, we will plant the squashes.

I am very optimistic about this year's garden. The potatoes are doing very well. The blueberry plants and lemon tree are flowering like crazy. I can taste blueberry muffins already. The garlic looks like it is just about ready. I need to pull the last of the carrots and make them into dinner. :D I also have more herbs than I know what to do with. I am probably going to take them to the farmer's market in two weeks. I have more than we'll ever use and I wouldn't mind making some garden money in the process.

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