Wednesday, March 31, 2010

On Thoughts of Chickens

Welcome DG friends! Thoughts, opinions, and constructive criticism welcome. :D

I had better buy a house soon. My ambitions are vastly over-running what my landlord would consider acceptable. What are these ambitions, you ask? Here is the answer.


Why? Because I like an animal that you can get your money's worth out of. And they are sort of cute. I also like fresh free-range eggs. It also seems like a worthwhile effort to teach my son to care for an animal. So why not? Yes, I know it is a lot of work to raise chickens. It would certainly be an interesting experience. My husband weighed the issue and said that he wouldn't mind fresh off the bird chicken. I told him that he would be the one doing that. I don't think he really minds the idea. There is a lot more thinking to go into this. Might be worthwhile though. I blame my friends from Dave's Garden for getting me started on this idea.

Garden update:
Almost all of the corn has sprouted. The beans are just now starting to sprout. I guess I'll be putting in squash seeds later this week. Whoohoo! I was almost afraid that I had lost my cucumber seedlings because they looked REALLY pathetic after I transplanted them. I checked yesterday and they are putting on new growth. Phew... I transplanted some mustard and collard greens into the garden yesterday. Hopefully since the spring will be cool, I might get something out of them. And finally, I planted chive and genovese basil seeds in the garden.

And finally, onto last night's dinner. Low cholesterol, low sodium, quick and easy...

Fountian of Health Roasted Garlic Hummus (3 tbs)
Pita Bread
Carrot sticks (from the garden carrots)

Everyone ate it, including the picky preschooler. Winner. We will be doing this again. It was great for a night where I was exhausted, late getting home from work, and it was beautiful out so we were outside most of the evening. Cost per person (there are three of us)- $1.72. (Actually, it was more like $1.00 since I used carrots out of the garden which were free, and we didn't use the whole package of pitas).

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