Thursday, March 25, 2010

If this is what it looks like now...

I can't wait until October... I think this is the year that we are going to eat out of the garden. Last year was a little hit or miss. Got a few tomatoes, some peppers, and plenty of herbs. I was still learning. I am still learning. If nothing else, the garden has taught me patience. That lesson does not go over well when one is waiting on the garlic to finish so that she can start adding it to all sorts of things. And then get the new seeds in. It has also taught me to strike out in new directions. I got bold. I built a new bed. And since it was May, I planted okra. Lots of okra. We ate okra for months. I was sticking it in people's pockets as they left my home. I was even tempted to stick bags of it in open car windows. But it was my first real measure of success in the garden. I couldn't believe that I had actually managed to get it so right that I managed to get sick of okra for a summer. Will I do it again? Damn straight. Because it was fun. I loved going out to the garden after work and picking it every day.

My other real success story is carrots. Anthony loves picking carrots. A lot of them looked funny. It didn't and doesn't matter. We've been eating garden carrots since January. So I planted more for this spring since it looks like it will be a cool one. I'm going to let Anthony pick the rest of the mature ones this evening and we are going to have them for dinner. Well, I am. Anthony will taste test one, tell me its yucky, and hand it back to me. Totally fine with me. They are the best carrots I've ever eaten.

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