Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Changes Just Keep Comin'

The gate came down today. No, not some monumental or metophorical gate. The very real one that has been in place between the place where we keep the knives, things that can burn, and cleaning supplies and the rest of the house. It has been a tripping hazard, a source of pain, a safety net, and a refuge creator all at once. But we took it down today. The baby gate that was in between the living room and kitchen is now up in the attic. It is tacit acknowledgement that Anthony is now officially old enough and tall enough to climb over it, swing on it, and open it by himself. It feels strange to walk into the kitchen and not have to go through it. It was there for two years. We put it up the day he learned to walk. He'll be three next month. I know my husband doesn't miss it, but I'm a little sad. My baby is getting older. At least I know he isn't too old for an after bath snuggle. :)

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