Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Pull up a chair, grab some lemonade, and sit a spell. I started this blog to chronicle life in my home garden, the antics of my cats, and life in the day of my preschooler (which is usually more than enough comic relief for my small family). Our family is in the midst of some major changes, so I'll be writing about them too.
I have recently acquired a passion for gardening, brought about by a move back home to Houston, Texas where you can grow things year round.

It all started with the move. I had lived in apartments since college, but tried to get my fingers in dirt at least once a year in the spring with some impatiens in pots on the porch. I'm an environmental geologist...and mostly deal with nasty disgusting dirt. Digging my hands into a bag of clean soil and sticking flowers in it did me a world of good every spring, even if it was to only stick them into pots. When things in California got tough economy-wise, we left Cali and moved home to Houston.

Once the wet and depressing 2008 Houston winter let go, I was ready to get out in the yard and do something that involved dirt. Since the house that we found had a huge backyard, I could not resist the urge to put in a small herb garden and some tomato and pepper plants. This was my first mistake. I've been gardening ever since.

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