Monday, April 5, 2010

Babies and Bluebonnets

It is almost the law in Texas, that when Springtime looms and the bluebonnets bloom, that you must place your child, dog, significant other, not-so-significant other, or a specially trained cat into said bluebonnets and snap a photo or hundred. In one of them, everyone will be smiling nicely and looking at the camera. In the other 99, someone will be making a goofy face, smiling a cheesy smile, staring at bees which are inevitably attracted to the flowers, or giving the classic bunny ears to someone else in the photo. I get Anthony's photo taken in the bluebonnets every year for his birthday photo. Lucky for me, he was born 4 weeks early and thus right in the middle of spring when the bluebonnets are best and not in the early summer when he was predicted to arrive. But then again, a photo is worth a million words.

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