Tuesday, April 6, 2010

You're Doing What?!

That is the response I most often get when I tell people that I am growing potatoes in my backyard. The funny looks start when I tell them HOW I am growing them. I'm growing my potatoes in trash cans. See?

Taters in a Trash Can

It is working fabulously! I have been filling the can with more and more straw as the potatoes grow to encourage them to grow more potatoes. They are now almost to the top of the can. It almost seems like they grow a couple of inches a day. Kinda like a certain kid I know. :D But I digress. As soon as the potatoes get to the top of the trash can, I'll quit adding straw and let them do their thing. Then, once the vines have died. I'll dump the can onto some trash bags and play find the potato. :D I can just taste fresh grown french fries!

In other notes, the Three Sisters Garden is growing like crazy! The assorted squash seedlings that I planted last Thursday are up and growing, and many of the seedlings have their true leaves. I am so excited.

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