Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Goings on at Jessamine

It has been a busy couple of days in the garden, even with the gardner absent. But before my abscence, I did have time to make my very first batch of....

Strawberry Jam!


A quick look at goings on in the garden.

Potates have topped their garbage cans.

Taters gone wild.

The paste tomatoes have little baby tomatoes on them.

I'm already having visions of spaghetti sauce

The garlic and peas are going gangbusters. In fact, I ate the peas out of the pod I showed you the other day this afternoon right out in the garden. They were delicious!

Fountains of garlic?!

The green beans in the Cedar Bed have lots of flowers, and the green beans, corn, and squashes are growing fast in the Three Sisters Bed.

And last but not least...Tahdah! My very first onion. I was pleasantly suprised. There are more that I think are almost ready, but I wanted the first one to be special.

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