Monday, April 12, 2010

Work, Not Play

Since I am in San Angelo for a few days, I thought I'd give you a day in the life of an environmental geologist. I've mentioned that my job usually involves nasty, disgusting dirt. Occasionally, its not quite that bad. Its almost relaxing in fact. Take today for instance.

Got up, left the hotel and drove for an hour to the job site.

Put on the most expensive shoes in my wardrobe and met the client at the site.

You spend $$$ on the things that keep your toes safe and your feet comfy

The drillers arrived and we got started. The mast was raised and the augers went into the ground.

Drill rig in the morning light

There is essential safety gear.

I make this look good!

All was not well this day, the well we drilled was dry. So we called it a day.

Same boots, more muddy

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  1. Loved it! Thanks for a peek into your daily life and work.